Thursday, July 19, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Sheriff Kring and Deputy Young

Willow Cove Courier: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. I take it that didn’t go as planned?

Sheriff Kring:
People are understandably upset and on edge. It’s not surprising that they could be provoked in such a way. But no, I would certainly have preferred it not happen. And I think Deputy Young did an outstanding job defusing and controlling the situation.

Deputy Young: Really? Thanks, Boss.

WCC: So was there any information you were hoping to disseminate tonight that you weren’t able to get to?

SK: No, but it’s worth reiterating that we do not believe there is currently any reason for any other resident of Willow Cove to fear. And while we handle the important business of finding and capturing the perpetrator of this heinous crime, the most important thing the citizens of Willow Cove can do is comfort the Guttman family in this unimaginable time. And maybe spend a little extra time with their own families, reconnect with what really matters.

WCC: That’s a nice sentiment.

DY: And please trust us to do our jobs. Which we will. Absolutely and with extreme vigor.

WCC: I don’t think anyone doubts that. Is there anything else you can tell people about the crime, now that the situation is a bit more…calm?

SK: Well, a lot of these details will have to be released soon anyway, so we may as well release them in a controlled manner. Of course, there’s medical investigation to be done, but the death certainly seems to be due to blunt force trauma to the back of the head. Our best guess from the blood at the scene is that it occurred right around midnight, though that will of course need to be confirmed. A blood-spattered bowling pin was found at the scene, and that is currently our most likely murder weapon. The killing blow was apparently delivered at a location other than where the body was found. It is still unclear whether the body was moved or Mr. Guttman moved under his own power. But given the relocation, we’re currently looking into the number 17, which is the lane in which the body was found.

WCC: What about fingerprints? Were any found at the scene?

DY: Yeah. Too many.

SK: What Deputy Young means to say is that it was a bowling alley after a full day of business. The place was crawling with fingerprints. We’ve already recovered nine distinct partials from the bowling ball found in the display case alone. We will of course pursue every lead, but I don’t think fingerprints will be a particularly fruitful avenue.

WCC: Are you focusing on any persons of interest yet?

DY: Well, there is one…

SK: We’re not releasing that at this time.

WCC: What about witnesses? Security cameras?

SK: We are not aware of any eyewitnesses at this time, though we of course would be interested in talking to any. If anyone out there has anything to say on the matter, anything at all, they should be in touch.

WCC: And the security cameras? I know I’ve seen them in Guttman’s Gutters before.

SK: Yes, Guttman’s Gutters is fully outfitted with a security kit. Unfortunately, they burst a pipe earlier in the day causing extreme flooding, which shorted out the entire system. It doesn’t appear that the security apparatus was functional at the time of the murder, though we are of course looking into it.

WCC: That’s unfortunate.

SK: Extremely.

WCC: Anything else you can share with our readers?

DY: Anything anybody can tell us, we’re listening. Really, we’d love to hear it.

SK: No, I think that’s it for now.

WCC: Thank you for your time, both of you.

SK: Thank you.

DY: Thanks!


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