Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Special Mayoral Election One Step Closer

After much legal maneuvering and many compromises, Willow Cove is one step closer to finally electing a new mayor. The town council approved a plan to hold a special election by the end of August, before the new school year begins.

Willow Cove has been without a mayor since Andy Modell resigned nearly four months ago after sketchy details of fraud involving himself and Dan Proot were brought to light. Those details have yet to be fully fleshed out and no charges have been filed against anyone, but many Willow Cove residents are inclined to believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. That former Mayor Modell resigned his post so quickly is seen as further proof that something untoward was going on at 127 Main Street, and the lack of charges and the peripatetic pace of the investigation and replacement election have spawned  a school of thought inclined towards the conspiratorial.

More meetings are scheduled throughout the next two weeks to finalize a date and process for the special election, the first in Willow Cove history. The town council has promised a full report and details before the end of July. Those with mayoral aspirations are asked to wait until such time as those details are released.

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  1. Are you serious with this nonsense? As I said at the time, I resigned due to personal issues, and they remain just that -- PERSONAL. Anyone who says anything otherwise is speculating, and doing a poor job of it, I might add.

    Print another piece of guttermucking trash like this and you'll hear from my lawyer.