Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Land Deal Falls Through

The wait will continue for those who have for so long lobbied for something, anything to be done with the vacant lot across from Skudlow Park, abutting Guttman’s Gutters. Bruce Klugman has regretfully announced that the financing that was “all but a done deal” just two short weeks ago has fallen through and the search must begin anew. Considering how long the now non-existent first deal took to put together, people should be prepared for another protracted wait. Called an “eyesore” and “a blight on an otherwise charming [business district],” the lot has been vacant and undeveloped for over ten years. The last business to operate in that location, Pritchard Roof and Siding, burned down in an electrical fire in 2000, prior to the revitalization efforts that have made the area such an otherwise charming locale.

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  1. i said my piece on what a fantastic guy lennie was, personally, yesterday, so there's no need to repeat it. but as a businessman, he left something to be desired. the fact that he couldn't see the goldmine right next door makes me wonder how he made his little bowling alley work at all. i guess you know what they say about the sun and a dog.

    i've been running the show at Klugman Development ever since my dad passed 16 years ago, and never have i dealt with someone as stubborn and intractable as lennie guttman. all he needed to give was a handshake and a bit of cash, and i would have done the rest. he would have been swimming in it. but for some reason he couldn't see that.

    oh well, life goes on. maybe now something can actually get done.